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We are located on a friendly neighborhood street in western Abydos that runs along the edge of the desert between the ancient town and its ancient temples.  


Abydos was once a pilgrimage site for ancient Egyptians. Today it is where some of the most beautifully preserved temples and temple art can be seen in all of Egypt. It's history is Egypt's history.  
The Flower of Life Guesthouse is your opportunity to relax and get closer to the older way of life in Egypt.
Whether you are a solo traveler or a larger group passing through the area and are in need of services such as meals and rest, we invite you to come and spend some quality time with us as our guest.

We are located where the black fertile soil of the Nile river valley meets the dry desert sands of the Sahara. Our roof top deck overlooks the ancient temple built by Rameses II and the Abydos necropolis where Egypt's first kings were buried more than 5000 years ago. 
Let us be your home away from home in this ancient land.

Guest Rooms



Rooms are reasonably priced, well furnished and comfortable.


From spending time at the beautiful Seti I temple, the Osirian, the Rameses II temple, Shunet el Zebib and more, there are many unique things to see in this special place. 

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