We are a 4 minute walk from the beautiful Seti I temple and Osirion temple where the Flower of Life symbols are located. We are also across the road from the colorful Rameses II temple and just south of the 4,750 year old mud brick structure known as Shunet el Zebib which was built by 2nd dynasty King Khasekhemwy. 
Spending time in rural Egypt and getting to know the local people can mean the difference between visiting Egypt on vacation, and feeling like you are part of it. 
We can also take you on private trips to other places in Egypt such as the new museum in Sohag, north to see the Pharaoh Akhenaten and Queen Nerfertiti's city Amarna, or south to the Dendera temple complex and Luxor. 
Please let us assist you in finding your favorite places along the Nile while you are visiting us in Egypt.